Juan Ramón Rallo

Professor of Law and Economics

Juan Ramón Rallo is one of the most important figures in liberalism and the Austrian School of Economics in Spain. He is an economist, writer, and professor who maintains an important presence in mainstream Spanish media.

He has a bachelor’s degree in law and economics from Universidad de Valencia and a doctorate and a master’s degree in economics from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid.

Juan Ramón Rallo is currently a professor and co-director of the Master's Degree in Economics at the Universidad Francisco Marroquín Madrid Campus and the Master's Degree in Economics at the Center for Advanced Online Studies of Madrid Manuel Ayau (OMMA). He is also a professor of economics at other educational entities such as IE University.

He has received several prestigious awards in Spain and Europe, including the Julián Marías Award in 2011, the Comunidad de Madrid’s prize in 2012 for the best researcher under the age of 40 in humanities, and the Third Vernon Smith Award in 2009.

In September 2014, Juan Ramón Rallo was appointed executive director of the Instituto Juan de Mariana, Spain’s most important liberal* think tank.

Juan Ramón Rallo collaborates as an expert in the economic field with various highly prestigious Spanish media platforms with large audiences. Among these, La Sexta Noche, Al Rojo Vivo and Espejo Público stand out. He is also a columnist in the newspapers Libertad Digital, El Confidencial, Expansión and Vozpópuli, whose combined readership totals approximately 16 million.

Several of his books have been best sellers in different distribution channels in the field of economics. His books include A Crisis and Five Mistakes, Liberalism Is Not a Sin (in collaboration with Carlos Rodríguez Braun), The Errors of the Old Economy, A Liberal Alternative to Get Out of the Crisis, A Liberal Revolution for Spain, Against Basic Income, The Blackboard of Juan Ramón Rallo and Against the Modern Monetary Theory.

*In Spanish, liberal refers to classical liberalism.


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