Disruptive Innovations powered by Acton MBA, UFM Madrid

Under the lens of Clayton Christensen's innovation theory, you'll be able to examine the strategies implemented by disruptors and the disrupted. You'll discover why some strategies succeed while other failed, and learn how to apply these insights to your own strategic decisions in life and business.

What will you learn? Adopt a strategic mindset in the short and long term. Align organizations with innovation efforts. Develop a learning culture within the organization. Develop action frames to get to know your customer and their needs. Achieve better margins and value proposition.

Engage in a dynamic learning environment led by Entrepreneur Teachers, carefully chosen real-life case studies, and small-group discussions with talented peers.

Lead Teacher:
Pablo Galindo Asensio is a businessman and lifelong learner. He has more than ten years of experience in creating and growing companies. Partner at Gea Capital (2021), an early-stage VC fund focused on investing in technology-enabled businesses that can disrupt existing industries. Founder and General Manager of Advanced Management School (2018), an executive education company focused on delivering tailor-made learning experiences that help companies outperform their competitors by making learning their core competence. Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Gestla Ventures (2016), an innovation-management consulting firm focused on helping large companies design and execute disruptive strategies to future-proof their core businesses. He completed his undergraduate studies at Francisco Marroquín University and obtained a behavioral sciences specialization from Harvard University. He has been a participant in multiple executive programs at Harvard Business School, where he is currently admitted to the OPM business program designed for owners and presidents. For the third consecutive year, Pablo has been the coach of the Francisco Marroquín University Business School team, which has obtained a podium in the international family enterprise case competition (FECC) organized by the Grossman School of Business for two successive years.

Credits: 4 ECTS (3 UMA - 45 hours)

Dates: June 13th to July 1st, 2022

Sessions: 28

Location: UFM Madrid.

Price: 657 €

Payment form: Paypal, transferencia y para alumnos de UFM por MiU