Journal of New Finance: challenging paradigms of current academia

We have very exciting news for you! Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) Madrid has launched its first research journal dedicated to the pursuit of in-depth and groundbreaking research in finance that challenges the dominant paradigms of current academia.

The Journal of New Finance (JNF) is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal devoted to the publication of world class research across all major areas of finance. The journal targets as an audience both academics and industry practitioners, with a special emphasis in risk and investment managers. The JNF is promoted by Universidad Francisco Marroquín and I am the current editor-in-chief.

You will be able to read the work of outstanding thinkers such as Kevin Dowd, prominent scholar in financial risk management and professor of Finance and Economics at Durham University. We’re also proud to publish the work of Juan Ramón Rallo, a famed Spanish economist and analyst who is also a professor of Economics at IE Business School; and Florencia Roca, director of the Finance Department at UFM´s Business School, and an expert in value investing. Last but not least, I will be sharing my research paper that reflects over twenty years of personal experience in risk management and the regulation industry.

Check out the first papers we have published here:

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