Isabel Benjumea

Professor of Law, International Relations, Contemporary History & Entrepreneurship

Isabel Benjumea currently occupies a very high-level position within the cabinet of the People’s Party in Spain, a liberal* conservative party of great importance and with the longest trajectory in the history of Spain. She is also the director of the Entrepreneurship and Business Administration programs at Universidad Francisco Marroquín in its Madrid campus.

She graduated with a degree in Law and International Relations from Universidad Pontificia Comillas, ICADE, one of the most prestigious private universities in Spain. She completed her studies in Contemporary History along with specialization courses at the University of Georgetown in Washington, D.C. and Cambridge, UK.

She began her professional career at the World Bank headquarters in Washington, D.C, implementing transparency and accountability programs for Latin America.

In 2010, she began her life as an entrepreneur by creating the Greatness Agency, company dedicated to managing luxury tours for those who want to enjoy enchanting and exclusive destinations.

In 2015, she and fourteen other partners, founded Red Floridablanca (Floridablanca Network, in English), a liberal and conservative think tank in Spain dedicated to analysis, debate, and reflecting on Spain’s reality and political news.

*In Spanish, liberal refers to classical liberalism. 


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